Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Casa de John

John (friend from high school) has generously let us crash with him for the three weeks we've spent in Buenos Aires.  He lives in an amazing group house in the congreso neighborhood.  John and, believe it or not, his twenty roommates along with a handful of squatters like us inhabit a complex of three connected houses.  The setup of the house is tough to capture in photo, but here are some highlights...

One of the houses' three kitchens seen from the roofdeck

Inside one of the kitchen/living rooms

View of the cathedral across the street from John's roofdeck

Beautiful rooftop garden

This one's a bit confusing.  It's the view down into John's house and into the house below as well-- there are lots of roofless open areas like this in the complex.

Another kitchen/living room

house pet/devil-cat

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