Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yoga Farm

Apologies for infrequency of posts, as of late. We're revving back up, we promise, starting now!

Rives and I returned Friday night from five days at an organic yoga farm located 90km outside of Buenos Aires. The farm is run by Hare Krishnas who abstain from meat, eggs, onions, garlic, alcohol, and dating, among other things. As volunteers, each day we received lodging, yoga, tai chi, and meditation classes, and three delicious vegetarian meals in exchange for 5 hours of labor and $15 USD. We were really excited to detox and revitalize after a week full of red meat, red wine, and very little sleep in Buenos Aires. We convinced our friends Carlito and Alexi, with whom we'd met up in BsAs, to join us on the farm.

Unfortunately, it rained for three of the five days. Since we couldn't work on the farm in the rain and mud, we were relieved from volunteer duties, and, thus, spent hours on end lazing and reading and playing cards. By the end of day three of constant sleeping, being fed, and playing on the floor of the temple, we felt like enormous spoiled babies. It was awesome!

When the sun finally came out, we got a chance flex our (atrophied) muscles on the farm. We would have loved to have stayed longer than five days, but we had to be back in BsAs by Saturday morning for Lauren and Deirdre's arrival.

Inside the temple, where most of our classes took place. Ommmm shantiiiiii.

tai chi class

typical lunch: rice, salad, pureed sweet potatos, squash, spinach, and potatoes, fried whole-wheat chapati chips. yum.

Carlito working on the construction of a mud hut

tending the flower garden

Not bad, eh?

snack break

Rives and Susanne working the land

Our cozy bunk house

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  1. forget china! i'm moving here.

    what kind of yoga did you do?