Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Hostel Ever! (Cusco)

We had planned to stay with someone we found through in Cusco, but had some trouble connecting at the last minute so we checked into the Pariwana Hostel and couldn't be happier. This place is literally paradise and is full of amazing people including a Colombian band called Velandia and La Tigra. Last night a gig they had in town cancelled and they played a show in the Pariwana bar/dining room, great fun!

This one's a little tough to see, but it is my favorite room...the tv room, and the floor is covered in pillows and bean bags. They also have a laundry service and free breakfast!

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  1. Very nice pictures!
    I love the beds there
    they are very comftible (:


    Cusco Hostels

    Cusco Hostels