Saturday, March 20, 2010

Exploring Lake Titicaca and Taquile Island

Yesterday afternoon we returned to Puno after an incredibly well photo-documented overnight on the island of Taquile in Lake Titicaca.

En route to the island, our boat stopped off at one of the amazing, floating Uros Islands, all of which are man-made from tortora reed. Inhabitants lay down a new layer of reeds every 15 days.

The women of the island, clad in a rainbow of textiles, cheerfully greet visitors.

Rives and Molly, (our friend from Colombia who we met trekking in the Colca Canyon), chowing down on some tortora reed.

After a 3 hours boat ride, we arrived at Taquile Island.

Our delish first meal on the island: fried trout.

The vegetarian option was less appealing... omelette with french fries. Peruvians manage to work fries in to every single meal!

We spent the night at the mud-walled home of a local family with four adorable little girls.

We spent the whole afternoon and evening hanging out in the town's main square with a bunch of awesome kids.

Sebastian, our friend from Berlin, showing one of our new little friends how to work a digital camera.

All of the boys and men on the island wear these funny hats. If a man is married, his hat is all red. The red and white caps worn by these lads signify that they are swingin' single.

The kids schooled us in soccer...

...though we blame the altitude (12,507 feet).


Molly and Rives swimming in the frigid Lake Titicaca.

Best seats in the house for the boat ride back to Puno. What a trip!


  1. I can't imagine living on an island where I had to lay down reeds ever 15 days to stay afloat. What happens in storms? How in the world did people ever decide to live like that?

  2. Those hats are so funny! How do they stay on? And I hope you weren't corrupting those little boys, as evidenced by the wine bottles surrounding you in that picture!

    I hope you're taking pictures of any interesting architecture you're encountering to show mom! I spot some nice arches.