Monday, March 1, 2010

Foods of Lima

The population of Lima seems to take great pride in the vast array of foods they have available--from their fresh ceviches to what some claim to be the best Chinese food outside of China. We are on a mission to try as many foods as possible. On our first night we had cow heart, mazamorra with rice pudding, and many other desserts washed down with Pisco Sours and Inca Kola (more popular than Coca Cola in Peru).

Anticuchos aka cow heart (pretty disgusting, honestly)

Mazzamora, Inca Kola, something that translates to whisper of Lima, and some kindof fried donut-y thing.

Pisco sours (pisco, lemon juice, egg whites, simple syrup, bitters) at Santos in Barranco.

Amazing ceviche from Punto Azul, an adorable restaurant in a converted mansion, owned by Miguel´s friend Julio Cesar´s family.

Tiradito Tricolor, also raw fish, and so so good

We had Chifas, Peruvian Chinese food, for lunch yesterday with our new friends Emilio, Gustavo, Miguel, and Tara. Note the bright yellow Inca Kola on the table- they drink it with every´s kindof like bubblegum flavored soda, sick!

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